Inside CCC

Chambers Creek Collision became established in November of 2007, when friends and business partners, Ron Wiseman and Mike Peacock joined forces. As a two man shop, CCC continues to deliver the highest level of quality and attention to detail, as the owners service and approve all repairs and restorations entrusted to them.

Mike and Ron are highly regarded in their industry and bring over 40 collective years of experience in their craft, including 30+ years dedicated specifically to Ford dealerships (Courtesty Ford in Denver, CO for 11 years, Sound Ford in Renton, WA collectively for 20 years).

Their work includes insurance repairs and collector restorations, yacht refinishing, motorcycle paint jobs and perfection in all aspects of their respective industries.


Meet the Guys

Ron’s Biography

Upon graduating Foss High School, Ron Wiseman flew the coop and landed in Colorado for Denver’s Automotive and Diesel College. “It was a tough decision,” Ron jokes, “since I love to ski.” While in Colorado, Ron met his wife, started a family, and worked at Courtesy Ford, becoming foreman by age 26. After eleven blissful years in ski country, Ron and the Wisemans packed their bags and joined us back in the good ol’ Northwest.  He joined the Sound Ford staff where, on his first day, he met Mike, who made a lasting impression when he unloaded Ron’s toolbox from his truck- by himself. (Hey, who wouldn’t be friends with that guy?) By the end of his time at Sound Ford in 2001, Ron had once again achieved foreman status, and was on the move to his next job, where he gained extensive experience with European cars and was able to attend BMW training in Oxnard, CA. Finally, in 2007, Ron decided to join forces with Mike in becoming business owners of their very own shop, Chambers Creek Collision.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys soccer, the accomplishments of his prodigy children, and, of course, skiing.


Mike’s Biography

At age 13, Mike Peacock made a purchase that would determine the rest of his life. He bought his first car, and quickly learned how to fix it on a budget. By taking auto body classes throughout his time at Lake Washington High School, Mike remained fascinated in the auto industry. Six years and two auto body shops later, Mike joined the Sound Ford staff as a painter, where he would meet and befriend Ron Wiseman. In November of 2007, Mike and Ron purchased Chambers Creek Collision. When Mike says he likes a good challenge, he’s not kidding. Amongst his resume of projects, Mike has painted all types of vehicles from a display missile for the Air Force, the Miss Rock hydroplane, and our personal favorite, the Seattle Monorail.

In his spare time, Mike rides dirt bikes & quads, enjoys all things sports, camping, fishing & hanging out with his family.


Yes, we’re Lakewood’s first green shop!

Chambers Creek Collision wants our customers to understand that it is in all of our best interest to set a new standard for an environmentally friendly atmosphere. In cooperation with the city of Lakewood, we are striving to be the leader in the recycling of our waste, reuse of product and compliance with the Clean Air Act. We are also aware of Chambers Creek and it’s reputation as a beautiful and intricate part of our city. We employ the latest technology in environmentally safe products to protect ourselves as well as our community.